Made in Australia by Mick Brierley to Isaiah Mitchells exact specs featuring overwound with a custom wire gauge onto degaussed oversize...
Tym Big Mud Violet Rams Head
Not Available
These are my handmade, hand wired clones of an old school sustain/fuzz made around '73/74 that has been nicknamed the...
Tym Club 76 distortion LE
Not Available
The Club 76 is exactly the same circuit as the (Tym) Stranded, meticulously reverse engineered from Ed Kueppers original '73/74...
Tym Lemon Sournote Overdrive
Not Available
This new Tym effect is an asymmetric germanium overdrive with active FAC (tone control) with breakup based on the old...
Tym Sea Shepherd Fuzz LE
Not Available
This is the 11th "one-off" Sea Shepherd Fuzz I have made and this time it's a Tym Double D with a...
Tym Seaweed Fuzz
Not Available
This is the Isaiah Mitchell signature Seaweed Fuzz featuring a Tym Triangle Big Mud and a Tym Bender in one...
Tym Teenage Fanboost
Not Available
I fine tuned the Tatanka boost I make for Brett Netson from Built to Spill and then added a FREQ...