About Us

Tym guitars is an independent guitar and music shop like no other in Australia, possibly even the world. We offer our customers the best range of vintage to affordable second hand guitars, amps and effects pedals in Brisbane, with safe online buying and we ship all over the world.
I also make a very limited number of hand crafted custom guitars, basses and amps as well as steady supply of custom speaker cabs and effects pedals the way they should be made – completely by hand.

We have a huge, diverse range of products including new, second hand and vintage amps, recording equipment, music CD/vinyl/merch and collectables, drum products and tour gear. We are the importer/distributor for several low volume brands of gear including skateboard decks, effects pedals and indie vinyl labels. We also have Australia's biggest selection of vintage hire gear and, yes AND practice rooms with a full digital multi track recording studio.

Add to all of this the unique feature of the retail shop having a fully equipped live stage for touring bands to play instores and signings and this becomes a very exciting destination for bands and public alike. The fully dedicated stage area will have a full backline from our list of hire gear including guitars, basses, effects and amps and will run a custom built 16 channel audio system designed and installed by Acoustic Technologies with the option of full 16 track studio quality recording of all instores.

We have 2 professional guitar teachers available from 10am to midnight, 7 days a week for students to learn acoustic and electric guitar, bass and uke in our soundproof, air-conditioned practice rooms. Good quality, well serviced guitars and amps available at no extra cost.

I also have a vinyl record shop with over 2000 new titles in stock with new stock coming in all the time. To coincide with this record shop I also run a record label releasing limited edition 7″ vinyl of bands that I think you should hear. The label has a record club attached to it so you never miss out on a new Tym record release.

I do some repair, restoration, refinishing and setup work as well as pick up rewinds and amp and pedal electronics repairs by appointment only. 

Check out our online shop for our full catalogue or contact us for info on our exclusive dealerships or ask for the best prices around.

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