Tym Seaweed Fuzz

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This is the Isaiah Mitchell signature Seaweed Fuzz featuring a Tym Triangle Big Mud and a Tym Bender in one enclosure. The mini toggle switch chooses between Tri Mud with 2 stage silicon clipping OR Bender with 1 stage germanium clipping. The circuit uses hand picked NOS "tin can" BC108's for gain. 
The second footswitch, marked "mids" takes the circuit from the typical mid scooped Mud/Bender tone to a flat freq response not unlike the original tone bypass switch on the BM but my version keeps the tone control intact giving a much wider range of options.

These are not limited edition but like all my stuff will be limited supply due to the nature of how I make things. 1 per customer. For more info check the blog.



"When Tim approached me about working on a signature pedal I immediately thought about working around his Triangle Mud circuit. All of his Mud's are fantastic but I've been connecting most with his Triangle circuit. Then Tim, being the mad scientist that he is, threw some more ideas into the mix in the shape of his TYM Bender circuit which I've really enjoyed as well, but am much less familiar with. I'm a fan of the Tone Bender so I said let's run with this idea for a while. I thought the Seaweed Fuzz was going to be a one circuit stomp box, but Tim found some pretty major harmony between these two circuits, the Triangle Mud and Tone Bender, in the transistors and some other components, and was able to marry two amazing circuits into this one box called the Seaweed Fuzz. For Tim to say to me that this is his favorite pedal that he's ever created and that it gets to have my name on it is an unbelievable honor. The mad scientist has done it yet again. There is so much tonal possibility in the Seaweed Fuzz. Play with the 'Weed' knob low for amazing punch and clarity with a tight high end. Crank the 'Weed' knob up and you've got an endless supply of gain on both the Triangle or Tone Bender circuit. And when you thought the tonal possibilities we're no more, he added a Mid Boost button to wake things up a bit and say "Hello!" I'm so happy with the Seaweed Fuzz and am sure you will be too. Those so much tone in this box! Mad Scientist does it yet again!!!" Isaiah Mitchell.



All of my pedals are hand made by me here in Brisbane, Australia using locally sourced components where possible and custom made enclosures. All the Tym effects on this site are constantly being hand made and uploaded for sale as they become available. I do not do presales/preorders or holds on ANY of my hand made stuff. Keep an eye on my NEWS feed for what's coming up and when it will be available. Check my blog for more info. 

All power supplies are std BOSS style adaptors unless noted otherwise. None of my pedals use batteries. 

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