Tym Sea Shepherd Fuzz LE

$400.00 (AUD)

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This is the sixth "one-off" Sea Shepherd Fuzz I have made and this time it's a Tym Vintage Triangle Big Mud with a mids footswitch which I've never offered on standard series.

ALL proceeds from this pedal go to Sea Shepherd Global to help protect our oceans and environment. 


#001 : Seaweed

#002 : Rams Head

#003 : Violet BC108

#004 : Op Amp 

#005 : Reverse

#006 Vintage Triangle


My designs are inspired by the classic old units but with modern components and appointments and many options like true bypass or non true bypass switching, LED's, added "active" tone controls, boosts and "Boss" compatible 9 volt adapters. NONE of my pedals use batteries.