An AMAZING 1968 Guyatone LG-150T time capsule.

As those of you who follow me know, I'm a HUGE fan of these Guyatones and many other Guyatones from this era. Guyatone made some inspiring designs and everything Mosrite related they did was a winner. 

I was always a fan of the 150 and it inspired my first Mosrong designs back in the late 90's along with Tokais Hummingbird series. They always looked like a Manga drawing of a Mosrite and they have such thin great necks on them. The headstocks changed shape on this model for no apparent reason and they all look great on this shape. 


I've owned (and still own) quite a few of these over the years but this one is kind of ... special.


This one is an absolute time capsule. It's getting harder and harder to find vintage guitars in this kind of condition especially these "cheap Japanese guitars" that went through that period of just being ... "cheap Japanese guitars" and got modified, junked and played till they fell apart.

This one still kinda blows my mind as I really think it has never been played and you NEVER see them with all the hang tags, case candy and .... hardcase. NEVER.


The story of these LG-150's are on the link above so I'll just post a heap of pics to enjoy here. This is AMAZING for a 50 year old .... anything. It has NO marks, scratches or player wear anywhere. The finish is perfect with no checking or discolouration. The metal parts are perfect with no pitting or corrosion anywhere. 


It has the original hardcase in perfect condition with 

Trem arm in plastic
Promo price hangtag 
Hangtag with (matching) serial number
Full Guyatone catalogue (1968)
Guyatone Cable and trussrod adjuster in original bag
Guyatone strap in original bag
Warranty card with (matching) serial number
Guyatone polish cloth in original bag
Guyatone Musical Instruments plastic bag 


Everything is in perfect condition with the strap in it's original (deteriorating) rubber band and the polish cloth and cable never opened. 


I'm a huge believer in guitars being played and used. I think that's the only reason for them to exist but in cases like this, I feel that a guitar like this should be .... saved, for people to appreciate. This is truly a fifty year old time capsule much like the Fender Jaguar and Goldentone amp that turned up at my workshop a few years ago. 


I'd be interested in talking to anyone who might have a (valid) reason to own and display this with similar musical equipment. I have sold a lot of my vintage Japanese collection and can't really justify owning this anymore if it's just going to sit in it's case. I might put this on display in the shop for people to marvel over till it finds a good home? Contact me if you're interested. 

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