1962 Fender Jaguar


OK , so here's the guitar that came in with the Goldentone amplifier.

This is possibly even more amazing to me than the amp. Here we have a first year (1962) Fender Jaguar, in a custom colour with matching headstock. And just like the amp it is IMMACULATE.




This is absolutely increadible. It is as it left the factory in Oct 1962. There is NO wear, no fading, no checking, no corrosion ........... nothing. It is essentially a brand new guitar.

The Jaguar was the most expensive guitar Fender made when it was released and this example might be one the best in the world. You could match this paint colour without doubt of it having faded.

The neck even has some flame in the maple and the clear lacquer hasn't yellowed at all.

There are NO marks or scratches on it .... anywhere. I thought when I first saw it it was a fake or modern reissue but it quickly turned to amazement as it became apparent it was real. It has a neck date of Oct 62 and all the electronics date to 62 as well and nothings been touched or messed with.

The guitar has it's mute and bridge cover intact. The pots weren't even scratchy. Everything worked as it should. It sounds AMAZING.



As if this wasn't enough, it has it's original Stanford hardcase WITH all the candy. That's right. It has the original hangtags, operators manual, key, allen key, lead and packets of unopened Fender and Gibson strings in their original boxes.


I have never seen a set of early 60's guitar and amp in any condition close to this and probably never will again. This is one of those amazing "dream come true" type of jobs. It's impossible to describe properly just how amazing this set is.

These are the best of the line from each of these manufacturers of the day and they are both museum quality, essentially brand new examples of them. To a collector or museum these are a once in a lifetime thing to lock behind glass to be stared at. To the owner they are tools that he inherited from his father in law and he intends to use them to record with. Personally, I can't think of a better way for these to end up.


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