1967-68 Guyatone LG-125T

Following up on the Guyatone post from the other day here's another one of my favourites from this, at times, very adventurous manufacturer.

The LG-125 has a slight Mosrite flavour but also has some very original and distinctive design forms. 

Guyatone made some great guitars over the years and although their early, and cheaper end guitars can be definitely "entry level" but still with great Japanese manufacturing and quality, like other Japanese manufacturers, they went in leaps and bounds over the mid to late 60's and by this stage, some of the Japanese domestic and export guitars were really hitting a very good quality, especially considering their prices compared to US and UK made guitars.

This is from the same series, and very similar construction to the LG-150 and has a similarly THIN body and neck. These necks are very comfortable and great quality. You rarely see a Guyatone from this period with a warped or unplayable neck.

This model also has the GREAT Mosrite style P-90's that my pink 150 has. These are great sounding single coils with good output but plenty of frequency response, and no (or very little) microphonics. 


Electrics are pretty standard with an ON/OFF switch for each pickup and master volume and tone control. 

The vibrato is based on the offset design and here they haven't tried to hide it, keeping the original base plate shape almost intact. The bridge (would be) was the typical Guyatone bridge as used on the 150's and many others of this period. This one has been swapped out for a Tune-O-Matic.


The headstock is another GREAT Guyatone design with that LONG six a side sweeping arc with the usual late 60's metal G badge. 


Again, like the Teisco previously, this guitar is 50 years old and still all (except the bridge swap) original including all electrics and tuners and everything still works fine. The neck is straight and perfect. And those pickups ....

Not bad for a "cheap Japanese guitar".

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