magazine issue 13

$14.95 (AUD)


ATP, Death Grips, Lomera, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, HIgh Tension, John Garcia, Gareth LIddiard, Jean-Paul Gaster

Cover Photo: The Drones – Photo: Zo Gay VINYL Split


Clutch 'Crucial Velocity' – The Drones 'How To See Through Fog'

FLOW Visual Artist: Seldon Hunt

SNAP Photographer: Ross 2ND BIRTHDAY Edition!

In our second birthday edition we speak with one of Australia’s most impressive and sardonic songwriters, Gareth Liddiard of the Drones, have a sit-down with the godfather of stoner rock, John Garcia (Kyuss | Vista Chino | Unida), and find out what it is he does for a day job. There are also interviews with Stan Ridgway and Motion City Soundtrack, live reviews of The Presets, ATP, Death Grips and Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

We’re proud to bring you internationally acclaimed photographer Ross Halfin as he presents a selection of his favourite images over TEN epic pages in our SNAP photography feature, as NY based visual artist Seldon Hunt, creator of chilling visions from the music of bands including the Melvins and ISIS, lays claim to the first colour feature in our visual art gallery style pictorial, FLOW.

This edition's Double A Side vinyl split features official pressings from Clutch with 'Crucial Velocity’ from their outstanding LP "Earth Rocker", and The Drones with ‘How to See Through Fog’ from the brilliant LP "I See Seaweed".Now available for pre-order.