Vahlbruch Line Driver

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The "Line Driver" is a pure 100% analog, hand-build, highly versatile unity-gain buffer pedal, especially designed to convert a high-impedance instrument input signal to a low-impedance output without any degradation in tone or level, but instead giving enough strength, dynamic and clarity to the signal to travel through long cables and complex setups.

Besides the "low Z" output, which provides you the impedance converted instrument signal, the "Line Diver" features a second buffered output. 

There is a variety of usage for this: For example you can now use any tuner you like, no matter if it´s true bypass, or how far it is away, since this pedal is no longer in your main serial signal chain. For this configuration your "Line Driver" includes a unique foot switchable mute circuit for the "low-z" output, which is absolutely free of any switching artifacts, even at full stage volume! A blue LED indicates the mute-status.
Furthermore, you also can use the "tuner" output to drive a second amp. Using the "mute" foot switch you are now able to (de-)activate another amp, e.g. for lead playing. Additionally you can also use one of the outputs to connect your buffered signal into a mixer or recorder with low input impedance. Directly connected, your instrument signal would be degraded but using the "Line Driver" you can easily circumvent this problem.

Since the cable length and number of connections after the "LineDriver" do not influence the capacitance seen by your guitar pickup anymore, your tone might get brighter, bringing out any previously buried/masked detail. 

But for all those of you, how especially like that certain tone of long cables, the "LineDriver" has a build-in cable length-simulator, but still retains all the advantages of going with a low-Z signal through your setup. There is a mini-switch inside the pedal to simulate any cable length between 1 and 36 meter (3ft - 110ft). 

And the greatest thing is, that you have an additional switch for true bypass of your "Line Driver", just in case you use fuzz or treble-booster pedals, which sometimes sound more pleasant feeding directly. 
Thanks to its extremely large signal-to-noise ratio the Vahlbruch "Line Driver"  shows extremely low background noise and is therefore suited for any studio work and professional live performance.

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