Tym Records 051 Kim Salmon Live at Tym guitars 12 inch

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Kim Salmon is a legend of not only Australian music, but globally has influenced and inspired too many bands to name. Playing in several local Perth punk bands in the seventies he moved to Sydney and by the dawn of the eighties the Scientists were laying down a sludgy blueprint for rock to follow. 

In late August 2016, Kim hooked up with an old friend, Joe Presedo, who had played in the Scientists in the UK back in the mid eighties along with friends Rob and Alana, and did one night, two sets of rock at the Junk Bar in Brisbane. The next day, this band still reeling from the night before, played an afternoon matinee at Tym guitars and fired through a "best of" set featuring Kim through all his incarnations and decades. 

As anyone who has attended these instores will attest, they are casual affairs where magic often happens. The two previous "live at Tym guitars" 12"s on Tym records present both Heavy Blanket and Earthless in absolutely stunning form, and this one was no different. Captured, like all the instores, for future generations to have their minds bent and listen to in awe.

This 13 song 12" spans Kim's career highlights with early songs like Frantic Romantic onto Drop Out and Cool Fire, through A Bitter Projection and It's All The Same (originally released with Spencer P Jones) and Carry On Baggage (from Kim and Leanne) right through to Gorgeous & Messed Up and Making me Better from Kim's new album via Scientists classics like Pissed On Another Planet and Swampland. 

Recorded, mixed and mastered for vinyl by Donnie Miller with artwork by Kim Salmon and Cathy Stephens this limited edition 12" will be out through Tym records on RSD2017.