Tym Records 049 Zeahorse - Torana Dreamin 12 inch

$30.00 (AUD)

Tym records is proud to announce the release of the second Zeahorse LP, Torana Dreamin' 
10 songs that could only come from Australia about blokes, chocky milks, BBQ chickens and of course, Toranas.

Kicking off with a metallic thumping riff that's reminiscent of the original Mad Max out on the open road, it then weaves it's way through big noisy riffs and catchy choruses. 
There's pub rock here but it's much more sophisticated than the standard fare, mixed with punk rock with the accents and slang constantly dragging it back to be quintessentially Australian.
Among the huge riffs and distorted bass there are moments of pop. Catchy guitar lines and choruses abound, but it always somehow gets back to that big, fat, riff.