Tym Records 042 The Hard-Ons - All Set To Go 7 inch

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After recording Girl in the Sweater, these three guys went back into the studio in early 1987 and recorded another 2 1/2 minute pure pop gem about a girl. Based on a catchy as hell guitar riff that drives the song it's about Blackies obsession with a girl who, like the girl in the sweater, is another unrequited love.
The side B was their attempt at, what was then, a new hardcore style of catchy, fast and thumping attack and lasted less than 1 1/2 minutes. 

This Tym records re-issue has a third song added, making this an EP I guess.
Another stupidly fast hardcore song written around the same time and only ever available on a giveaway compilation album from 1987. 

Tym records is VERY proud to announce that for Record Store Day 2016, I am re-issuing, for the first time ever the classic Hard-Ons 7" All Set To Go remastered for vinyl on limited edition, hand numbered, black vinyl with original full colour front artwork with a new back cover and liner insert with new notes by Ray, Blackie and Keish, AND the three stickers originally available with the first 250 copies of the 7" back in '87.