Tym records 003 Ltd Ed 7 inch

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TYM003 :The Hymies / Undead Apes. The Hymies : Kipper Melting Man / She's Got a Gun. These Hymies tracks were recorded with a bunch of others somewhere between 2000 and 2002 by a bloke called Dave at Flyshakker Studios, and mastered by Ash Headmiles. A band who has only ever attested to having fun, we always played for our own humour first, then others. Brisbane was the city to be in, power drunk was the state to be in, and watching horror movies with a vindaloo the next day was the the way it was done. This blurb is very short, like our songs and sets. Go fast and worry about the steering later. TurboNicko. Undead Apes - Funeral Home. The process of putting this song on to vinyl has been particularly pleasing for me. As not only did I get to hang out with the other apes for a weekend, it was recorded, mixed, mastered and ultimately released by people I have long looked up to and am now fortunate enough to call my friends. Donnie is a rad dude, plays bass in one of the most original and heavy bands in town NO ANCHOR, plus looks like a wealthy Mexican. Innez manages to be a master of fuzz pedals without actually owning any and along with Cameron plays in my current favourite band TINY SPIDERS. Plus we had a chance to use the brilliant howls of Lisa who can be found grunting and squawking out the front of PASTEL BLAZE. Tym writes amusing rants about shipping costs and how batteries will ultimately destroy the world, plus is mates with J Mascis. John/Undead Apes