Tym Big Mud Red Army Overdrive Mk III LE

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This is my version of the now famous and very sought after “Red Army Overdrive” version of the early Russian made BM's. The original was the very first of the S0vt*k BM versions and while being a similar circuit, it had a few key component differences compared to it's Russian brothers. While being VERY close in tone to my Civil War this version uses NOS Russian KT3102E transistors and NOS Russian KD522 diodes as used in the original pedals. 

These are full sounding fuzz with more mids and higher output and more bottom end than some others in the series. These NOS transistors and diodes give this version a unique tone. Check my blog for more details.

My designs are inspired by the classic old units but with modern components and appointments and many options like true bypass or non true bypass switching, LED's, added "active" tone controls, boosts and "Boss" compatible 9 volt adapters. NONE of my pedals use batteries.