Tym Fuzz Sanitizer LE

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This is my version of the great ACETONE FM3 which is of course an early Japanese BM influenced circuit. The original had a "boost" inserted into the circuit and you could (unfortunately only) switch between boost or fuzz. This is the fuzz/sustain side of the original pedal.
This Tym Fuzz Sanitizer uses NOS 2N3904 transistors and follows the original circuit. Not as "thick" as a BM but lots of great harmonics and just a little bit of crackle on the edges. Very vintage Japanese sounding.


These are limited edition and will be available in batches of FIVE as long as the shop is closed due to COVID-19 (unless we don't reopen) and are $280 with $140 from each going to charity. 

The money from this batch will go to




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These are full sounding vintage Japanese fuzz with a more "60's tone" than a regular BM. Check my blog for more details.


All of my pedals are hand made by me here in Brisbane, Australia using locally sourced components where possible and custom made enclosures. All the Tym effects on this site are constantly being hand made and uploaded for sale as they become available. I do not do presales/preorders or holds on ANY of my hand made stuff. Check my blog for more info. 


All power supplies are std BOSS style adaptors unless noted otherwise. None of my pedals use batteries. 

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