Tym Big Big Mud Sustainar

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Based on the original ELK Fuzz Sustainar which was one of the first Japanese BM clones although the ELK had an interesting tone stack mod which gives it more sizzle and a "strange" sweep.

This version uses old BC547 transistors instead of the original NEC A733's but is reverse engineered along side an original early 70's unit to replicate the exact tone.

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All of my pedals are hand made by me here in Brisbane, Australia using locally sourced components where possible and custom made enclosures. All the Tym effects on this site are constantly being hand made and uploaded for sale as they become available. I do not do presales/preorders or holds on ANY of my hand made stuff. Keep an eye on my NEWS feed for what's coming up and when it will be available. Check my blog for more info. 

All power supplies are std BOSS style adaptors unless noted otherwise. None of my pedals use batteries. 


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