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The Tym 2FA DIST/OD is part of my series containing 2 of my 2 knob circuits in one box for convenience. 

The Tymexar is my version of the classic silicon clipping MXR Dist + from the 70's/80's and also uses the classic LM741 op amp to drive these clipping diodes. It's a great little distortion circuit that plays well with others and sounds great on it's own. The ODP/Tymexar is the one that started all this and while being very similar circuits have subtle differences in gain and harmonics and sound great when stacked together.
The ODP666 is my version of the classic DOD250 overdrive/preamp using a similar circuit to the old MXR Dist + and this early "grey" version has a couple of components different from the later yellow version although the difference in tone is very minimal. It's a great med to high (old school) overdrive using the great LM741 op amp and silicon diodes. 

All of my pedals are hand made by me here in Brisbane, Australia using locally sourced components where possible and custom made enclosures. All the Tym effects on this site are constantly being hand made and uploaded for sale as they become available. I do not do presales/preorders or holds on ANY of my hand made stuff. Keep an eye on my NEWS feed for what's coming up and when it will be available. Check my blog for more info. 


All power supplies are std BOSS style adaptors unless noted otherwise. None of my pedals use batteries.

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