Maxon FL-301 Flanger 2ND HAND

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MIJ. Good conditiopn with some plaer wear. 18V DC input


The yellow FL301 Flanger produces the wide-sweeping vibrato and jet-like effects characteristic of the 70's analog boxes. One of the downsides of flangers is that many of them can add noise to the signal, and some are noisier than others are. The FL301 isn't as noisy or tinny-sounding as 70's flanging effects were; you do hear the sweep in the background, but it's tolerable. The FL301's controls include Speed, Width, and Regeneration. The effect has a delay time of 1 to 12.8 milliseconds and a speed frequency range of .06 to 13 Hz to construct an assortment of usable sounds from slow and subtle sweeps to one with fast and intense vibrato.

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