Bonnie Prince Billy - Ask Forgiveness 12 inch

$28.00 (AUD)

From - At this point in his career, Will Oldham can do pretty much whatever he wants. Before reaching his 30th birthday, he'd already mastered Leonard Cohen-aping folk gloom, Appalachian country-rock, and darkly grand balladry. But rather than continuing to reinvent himself, Oldham now seems to be resolving his dizzyingly multifold identity, shoring up the elements of his sound that have remained consistent throughout his career and subtly incorporating attributes of all of his past personas. If anything, this eight-song mini-LP (which consists of seven far-flung covers and one original) most closely recalls 1995's laidback and largely acoustic Hope EP, augmented with the female backing vocals and orchestral flourishes that mark his more recent work as Bonnie "Prince" Billy.