Tym 20th anniversary Buzzrite

This is another one of my 20th anniversary pedals that I'm making in limited numbers during 2017 for my anniversary in business.

Based on the first Tym pedal I ever made for sale, the original was handwired using vero board and common silicon transistors as it was all I had access to at the time.

This new version is using my standard custom designed and made TYM PCB with different component vales and a careful selection of NOS "tin can" transistors to give a much closer approximation of my original Fuzzrites that I didn't have when I started making these. I have used a low gain big "tin can" BC140 in the first stage and a high gain "tin can" BC108 in the second stage. After messing around quite a lot I settled on this combination as, to my ears, it was closest to the original.

This version is built in the original cast aluminium Hammond enclosures that I used on the original series back in 1997 and I am only making 20 of these all up this year in 2 batches of 10.


This version only runs on battery (and is THE ONLY Tym effect to use a battery) with a battery ON/OFF switch and has no LED, just like my original Buzzrites and the original Mosrite Fuzzrite, which it is modeled after.


The artwork is based on the original Mosrite bicentennial guitars Semie Moseley made in 1976 and my original "Wosrite" brand name. This one also has knobs VERY similar to the original "spun knobs" as found on some Mosrites up to mid '65. 

For those of you who don't know the joys of the original Mosrite Fuzzrite or the many clones around this is a primitive, early square-wave fuzz that falls dramatically into the category I call the "sausage sizzle" fuzz. These early fuzzes were like a swarm of bees let loose in a tin can with not much bottom end and a very focused BUZZ. It's slightly effected by pickup type but to me, the Buzzrite (or Fuzzrite) still sounds best with a very strong single coil, like a P-90 (or original Mosrite pick up) driving it hard into a smallish Fender or similar, as would have been the case back in '65 when it was unleashed on the world. It's not complex or sophisticated, but it's a lot of fun.

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