Tym Buzzrite pedal

This actual pedal here was the first "real" Tym effects pedal that was ever made. This came about from my absolute love of Mosrite and a chance meeting with a guy who became a good friend who was a "retired" electronics engineer. I was talking to him one day about fuzz pedals and he said "if you give me a schematic I'll make you one"

So after a few days he turns up with a little veroboard with a handful of components soldered onto it and some wires hanging off it. This is long before I had any real heavy duty understanding of electronics. My friend had labelled the wires to make it easier for me to assemble.

I drilled a Hammond enclosure and did the artwork with the help of my wife to look A LOT like an original Mosrite pedal.

The pedal sounded awesome, or so I thought. At that stage I'd never heard an actual Fuzzrite (or even seen a real one) so it sounded like gold to me. Going back to write this story I plugged it back in for the first time in about 15 years and was actually surprised at how good it does sound.

I quickly thought "wow, I could sell these couldn't I ?" At this stage I was mainly doing guitar repairs and making guitars.


I ended up changing the enclosure and the artwork to reflect the business more and not get sued by anyone and my friend made me about ten boards and I finished the enclosures and assembled them and put them on what was then my very primitive site. At that stage I had a few pictures of some guitars I'd made and ....... Well, that was it.

I remember two went to the US after money orders turned up and took three weeks to clear. I sold a couple to around Australia and I don't know what happened to the rest. I probably gave them to friends ?


After that the Buzzrite went through a couple more incarnations above as I eventually got a couple of real Fuzzrites and taught myself how to actually make pedals.

The circuit changed very slightly to be more accurate to one of the originals I had bought and loved the sound of and I eventually did PCB's to save on assembly time.


Once I started the folded stainless enclosures the artwork was redone to suit and this is the current version I now sell. It has been not only one of my best selling pedals, it's also the basis for several other pedals (Human Fly series, This Machine fuzz) and I still have a real fondness for it as its the one that started all this madness.


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