New Brierley Isaiah Mitchell signature pickups

Well, like most things around here, if you want hand made stuff you have to wait for it but the release has finally come for the new Brierley Isaiah Mitchell signature pickups available exclusively worldwide through Tym guitars.

I don't need to introduce Isaiah or Mick around here as they're both good friends who do stuff I love. Read the previous blog for more info but these will be available in limited numbers from this Sunday online* and in the shop. 

These are all hand made by Mick and sent to me where I package them up ready to go out to you.


The box contains three hand made Strat pickups wound to Izzys specs with off white covers and mounting hardware. The complete package is $279 (Aus) plus shipping worldwide and will be available on the site or in store from this Sunday, Sep 30th.

It's a HUGE honour for me to work with these guys.


“Mick and I have gone back and forth trying to figure out the sounds I’m looking for. After trying a few different sets I found the sound I was hearing in my head. Very “strat-ty” with a little more output. Really nice midrange with a warm and round bottom end. They sound wonderful when playing clean and at lower volumes. When you’re playing at higher volumes with distortion or Fuzz they really sing and have sustain for days. I’m really honored to have worked with Mick on dialing these awesome pickups!!” Isaiah Mitchell


* I will link to the sale page on Sunday when it goes live and announce on all of our social media. 
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