New Brierley Isaiah Mitchell signature pickups

When good people doing great things get together you get great things in return. Two of my good friends have teamed up to make something very special indeed.

Isaiah Mitchell needs no introduction around here. He's a friend who plays guitar in Earthless and Golden Void and has been a huge inspiration and influence on me over the time I've known him. I have worked with him in several fields including Tym effects and Tym records.

Mick Brierley is a good friend of mine who just happens to make my favourite pickups. I've known Mick since before he was a pickup winder and he sent me his very first (or one of) P-90's for me to try as it's my favourite pickup. I was stunned, and I have been ever since at every pickup of his I've fitted or tried.

So when these two humans get together and work on Izzys perfect Strat pickup set you know something great is going to happen, and it has.

These special hand made Brierley Isaiah Mitchell signature pickups are $279 (Aud) a set and are available worldwide only through Tym guitars in very limited quantities. Meticulously hand made by Mick to Isaiah's exact specifications using hand scatter wound wire over magnets picked by Isaiah and Mick over several different prototypes. These are the exact pickups Izzy has in his #1 Strat touring the world with Earthless.

“Mick and I have gone back and forth trying to figure out the sounds I’m looking for. After trying a few different sets I found the sound I was hearing in my head. Very “strat-ty” with a little more output. Really nice midrange with a warm and round bottom end. They sound wonderful when playing clean and at lower volumes. When you’re playing at higher volumes with distortion or Fuzz they really sing and have sustain for days. I’m really honored to have worked with Mick on dialing these awesome pickups!!” Isaiah Mitchell

Please contact us at the shop if you're interested. We will have limited stock SOON.

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