Late 60's Teisco BR1

I've written about these Teiscos before as I've owned a few in both guitar and bass versions over the years. The guitar version of this model is the Teisco R2 and the interesting thing about the BR1 is it's exactly the same "guitar" built at the factory as a bass. That's right, it's a short scale bass just like the earlier BS-101 version.

These Teiscos are fun the play and being guitar scale (24.75") they feel a little weird at first but you quickly get used to the easy to play short scale, and, they sound like a bass.


Teisco made "full scale" basses as well which were mainly in the 30" scale but also made 32" and 34" scale basses over the years, but these little REALLY short scale basses can be so cool.

The R2/BR1 shape was used for quite a few models right up to the top of the line Vamper EV-52T with medium range models covered in the Vamper and V-2 models. There was also a short scale two pickup bass version of this model called the VL-2.

These were a simple solid timber body heavily influenced by the Mosrite Combo with a laminated bolt on maple neck with rosewood fretboard. The body and neck are the guitar body and neck with the obvious difference in the headstocks are drilled for four tuners instead of six. The bridge and pickup placements are the same as the guitar version but this version had the four square pole pickup (same bobbin/cover/surround) and four saddle bridge.


I'm a big fan of these square pole Teisco pickups (as I've mentioned before) and even with a single neck pickup this has a very usable and variable bass tone.

While these were meant to be set up with bass strings and tuned to low E I started messing around with this one and ended up putting 38-85 strings tuned to A on it and it's a joy to play.


This little Teisco is all original including Teisco headstock badge and original bridge cover with mute and is in the shop now.



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