Tym Triangle Big Mud



So, this ones been a long time coming. It's only that a few of the clones I've played of these I remember thinking were a bit too "dark" for me and because this is probably the worst of the original BMs consistency wise there are SO MANY versions of the triangle out there, so this one has taken some time to get "right" (for me) and make one that I think sounds great while still staying in the parameters of the famous "Triangle"

Going through and making all these clones has really given me a great appreciation for this circuit and all it's intricacies. It's such a great circuit and this "first version" is no different but has a sound all it's own.

I started with several schematics from the net and from other friends who dabble and after several versions came up with what I thought was my favorite. It's amazing how many different "versions" of this you can make, and I thought the Ramhead was bad !! This is how all my Big Muds are done.


After finding the version I wanted it was time for transistors. I tried a few different versions of a few different types and came up with what I liked best. The NOS 2N5033's were cool and very low gain 2N2222's work VERY well also. It seems that this version, above any of my others rely on gain factors more.

Higher gain, to me, sounded worse and lost harmonics and clarity too much. I'm talking VERY low gain here (for a Big Mvff) so sifting through hundreds of transistors to get just the right ones was in order. My Ramhead has low gain but this is even less .............

So, with a bunch of transistors put aide it was time for the scope and ears. This is actually a VERY nice version and I think is getting close to being one of my favorites, but I'll need more time with it to be sure. The Ramhead still does it for me, but this is pretty cool.

Part 2

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