Tym Triangle Big Mud pt 2


Since building the first few Triangles I've been experimenting with a few different versions and transistors and have come to the conclusion that I have to make two versions available as after finding my favorite circuit I have now found two versions that I really like.

The first version uses old stock "tin can" transistors and has a different gain structure. The  trick to the "triangle" (or any BM) for me is LOW gain. I've always said that with a few key exceptions (Fuzz Munchkin) the BM circuit tends to loose sweet harmonics as the gain is increased in the circuit.

The type of transistor has less effect on the overall tone than the amount of gain in the circuit and the shape of the tone stack.


Having built most "types" of BMs in my series I have got pretty good at hearing that trade off between gain and harmonics in this circuit.

I built a "triangle" circuit with everything from under 100 gain up to around 800. Typically the originals had very low gain but it's always nice to see if there's any other sweet spots in each version.


Of course the hfe of a particular transistor doesn't mean that's what it actually has in that circuit as resistor values around the transistor determine what gain that actual stage has but that's pretty easy to work out mathematically what your working with.

There's also something in the lower gain transistors that makes a sweeter harmonic. For instance, using a really high gain but restricting it to lower gain doesn't always yield nice harmonics.


So, this brings me to why I have decided to make two versions of my Triangle Mud. I was really happy with two versions I eventually made and took them into the shop for regular customers to test. Some of these customers own more than one of my BM series so they bought in some they already own.

We did some blind testing where I didn't tell them what was what and why they were different. The general consensus was they were both great and it was divided as to which one sounded "better".

I actually preferred the "slightly" higher gain "modern" transistor version while a couple of my customers really liked the older "tin can" slightly lower gain version. Having said that they all said they would be happy with either version.

I really liked the "tightness" of the higher gain version. Remember, I'm talking VERY slightly higher gain here. Still very much below the Ram head (the next lowest gain version) and somewhere around a quarter of a Version 3 or Red Mud.


So, with all of that I just decided to make BOTH versions to offer to my customers. I will call them a Triangle Vintage (tin can low gain transistors) and a Triangle Modern (slightly higher gain TO92 style transistors)

The "Modern" has hand picked and biased transistors to give the best possible tone at these levels. The "Vintage" will be offered as long as I have/can get stock of these old style tin can low gain transistors at a reasonable price.


Both enclosures are identical except for a "V"or "M" at the end of the serial number.

Just specify which version you want when buying.


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