Well folks. As some of you have noticed it's been a while since my last news feed entry. Thanks to everyone who has sent emails and messages of concern, but everything is ticking along here.

I've just been a little overwhelmed with work and life but working away quietly in the background.

Here's a couple of recent repairs as I haven't been keeping up with pics.

This 2005 Epiphone LP came in for a quick setup but took a little more after the previous owner had taken it upon themselves to "make it better" and made it worse. It's now playing and sounding great. 

This Gibson Firebird came in for some work on a headstock repair and got a full service and setup. What a crackin' guitar this is. 

I have a few pickup rewinds, pedal repairs and LOTS (the pile on the left in the pic of my workshop is all "to be done" guitars) of setups and servicing to get done but I'll try and be more vigilant with pics and updates. 

Thanks everyone.

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