Well, while it appears I've been a little slack with the NEWS feed since getting back to work this year, last week was all about catching up after a few weeks off.

I am packing the last of the orders today and have a few repairs and setups to get done and I am booking work for late February at this stage.

I also have a TMI Custom ready for final polishing and assembly so it should (maybe) hit the site later this month if all goes to plan. I still have to make the pickups and hardware for it and there's another 3 guitars in the painting stages following so we'll see how I go.

I have started a couple of runs of Tym effects which I will announce soon and finally got all the Tym cable stuff ready to make more cables.

AND, the new Tym records 7" is nearly ready for release next month.

Keep an eye on here for updates if you're interested. 

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