Tym Savage Toecutters coming

Tym Savage Toecutters coming

This batch of Tym Savage Toecutters will be available on the site this Saturday afternoon to give everyone plenty of notice.

This is my version of the ProCo RAT available in 2 different forms here. The green standard is a clone of one of my original white face versions while the red deluxe version in the same circuit with toggle switches for clipping options and shape with an added footswitch to open the volume right out à la Fuzz Munchkin.

Check my blog for more info or if you're into RATs and like to waste time here's another blog I wrote ages ago that might interest you? 

I have more of these coming but I've run out of time this week as I have some amps to service and a few guitar setups to catch up on so if these go there will (hopefully) be more of these and a couple of special ones coming in the next couple of weeks. 

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