Tym pickups

Tym pickups

I just wound these 2 Tym '64 Wosrite pickups for an upcoming TMI Custom.

These are made exactly like early Mosrite Ventures pickups with timber and plastic bobbins, hand formed covers and hand cast surrounds. They will have segmented magnets and hand cut aluminium adjustments bars as well. Just like Semie made them. 

These should come out at about 12K for neck and just over 15K for the bridge. My favourite Mosrite setup.

There's a few TMI Customs in the works and not all are Mosrite influenced for those of you not into them, which is weird I know. Keep an eye on my NEWS feed or join my monthly mailout for updates. 

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Hey man. I use AWG43 or 44 depending on what type of Mosrite pickup I want. Mosrite used both in the early days but i tend to wind myself ones with 44 to get around 15K which is how I like them.


What gauge wire are you using? Just curious. Looks awesome!


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