Tym ODP777s coming Friday

Tym ODP777s coming Friday

This batch of Tym ODP777s will be on the site Friday morning.

Based on the 1977, 7 resistor grey DOD250 with a mini toggle for removing the clipping diodes to make it a HUGE preamp.

As always, there will be one limited edition black enclosure version with $100 from that going to charity.

Check my blog for more info.


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I bought a second hand grey box in the 80s that I loved but took for granted. Sold it a couple of years back to fund another purchase and grabbed one of your yellow re issues. It doesn’t quite have the same mojo. Really sweating on one of you 777’s this morning so I can get that 70’s rock sound back. Thanks for making these, it’s been a long wait. Geoff

geoff johnston

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