Tym effects

Tym effects

This batch of Tym Foxey Ladys will be on the site tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.

Based on a particularly hairy original 3 knob Guild and all hand made here by me in my custom stainless-steel enclosures. Check my blog for more info.

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I’m not sure what you mean, sorry? All “notifications” for things going on the site are through this NEWS feed. If you mean my monthly mailout, it is simple a “what’s going on and what’s coming up” thing at the start of each month. If you have any questions just email me.


Hey there,
I didn’t receive the pedal notification until yesterday the 1st. I know it’s not perfect my friend just wanted you to know there was some lag and trust me i check all mailboxes
Lol. I have 7 tym effects pedals and they are all just awesome at what they do
#tymguitars rules


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