Tym effects

Tym effects

Since I'm not on social media any more some of you may not know, or may have forgotten about my offer when it comes to overinflated prices on 2nd hand Tym effects. 

As I have offered in the past, anyone considering buying a Tym effect off any of these scalpers is welcome to contact me and see what we can work out. I have always offered anyone who is prepared to buy a current Tym effect advertised at over twice it's new site price, can contact me and if I have the parts (and time) I will make you one for that price and donate the difference to charity.

I know full well we live in a rampant capitalist society, and I also completely understand supply and demand so I don't need a lecture about how and why this happens.

I also fully appreciate that people may not like my pedals (I've never met a Tubescreamer I liked), and I'm MORE than happy for someone to sell one if it doesn't suit their needs, but, to "flip" my stuff for over double when they're still being made is just being a scalper.  

Thanks for listening. 

Be safe. Be sensible. Support each other. 

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Hello Tim,
This is so sad, I have actually given 3 of your pedals away; one to very good young player and two to a mate who records a bit (he was in the mod band Division 4). I hate to use the cliche; share the love, it’s a reward in itself .


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