The new Tym Wizz Fuzz OUT SOON

The new Tym Wizz Fuzz OUT SOON

I keep getting asked if I'm going to make more Fuzz Sanitizers which of course, I'm not. My Fuzz Sanitizer was a special pedal I made in 2020-2021 while my shop was struggling from .... well, you know. The idea was, along with other charity pedals I make it would help people also struggling during that time and raised $4480 for humans in need, but then, I had to close my shop, so no more pedals.

The new Tym Wizz Fuzz is EXACTLY the same circuit which is the distortion part of the Japanese Acetone FM-3 and uses NOS 2N3904 transistors and new custom artwork by Tone. 

I'll do a blog and announce the release when I get the first batch finished, probably (maybe) next week? Stay tuned here if you're interested. 

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