Recharging a vintage Ric bridge pickup

Recharging a vintage Ric bridge pickup

This old Ric has been giving me some grief lately with both pickups measuring fine but the bridge pickup having very low output so ....

I got out the gauss meter and the bridge pickup had very little magnetic pull so out came my home made pickup magnet charger.

It's much easier to recharge slug magnets but you can give bar magnets a little more life if you're careful. The big magnet on the bottom of a Ric bass pickup is north up not like a single coil (like a P-90) that has 2 bar magnets running sideways so you can just run the whole pickup through the intense magnetic field to pep it up a little. 

Back in and it's... better. I'd like a little more output from it but the neck Hi-Gain is VERY high gain and I've had to lower it considerably to balance the volumes out. 

I might give it another run through and see if I can get a little more life out if it? 

But that'll have to be tomorrow now.

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