On the bench

On the bench

This Squier JM Jazzmaster is another of the 3 guitars that went under in the Lismore floods earlier this year. Like the Mustang I've just finished, it needed slow and steady drying out and is now ready for a complete rebuild. 

After this one there is a Fender Jaguar to bring back to life.

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Thanks Tim! Appreciate you responding. Best of luck with these guitars


Some need a bit of tweaking out of the box. A good service/setup should address those issues. Tim.


I’ve got one of these (who doesn’t) and love it. However, I find the vibrato clicks and the intonation is a bit temperamental. Are these component issues, or something that could be fixed with a good setup?

Can’t wait to see how you bring all these guitars back to life after such terrible flooding.


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