On the bench

On the bench

This '82 Marshall 2203 came in for some emergency love.

I've been servicing this amp for many years and it's a true workhorse that sounds GREAT. 

Part of the bias circuit had collapsed and cause V4 and V5 to redplate and eventually blow a fuse. Unfortunately it's damaged 2 of the near new Tung-Sol quartet I installed about 6 months ago but it will be back in the studio soon. 

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He runs them all from the 1 pedalboard into the front ends and lets each amp (Marshall JMP, Marshall 800 and Vox AC30) colour the tone and then mixes them as his “tone”. I’ve been servicing his amps (and I moded/hot-rodded his AC30) and guitars since the beginning and they’re all GREAT amps.


Hi Tym, just curious as to how Kurt runs these amps live? Does he run one amp clean and another dirty or both simultaneously? His tone is phenomenal.
Best regards, Joel


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