Isaiah Mitchell signature pickups BACK IN STOCK

Isaiah Mitchell signature pickups BACK IN STOCK

I have more sets of the hand made Isaiah Mitchell signature Strat pickups back in stock HERE.

Made in Australia by Mick Brierley to Isaiah Mitchells exact specs featuring overwound with a custom wire gauge onto degaussed oversize alnico magnets with custom made flatwork all in standard Strat demensions.

Set of 3 carefully hand made Strat pickups with mounting hardware and parchment covers. Available only through Tym guitars worldwide.

“Mick and I have gone back and forth trying to figure out the sounds I’m looking for. After trying a few different sets I found the sound I was hearing in my head. Very “strat-ty” with a little more output. Really nice midrange with a warm and round bottom end. They sound wonderful when playing clean and at lower volumes. When you’re playing at higher volumes with distortion or Fuzz they really sing and have sustain for days. I’m really honored to have worked with Mick on dialing these awesome pickups!!” Isaiah Mitchell


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