EH J Mascis Big Muff

EH J Mascis Big Muff

This turned up this morning and initial testing has been pretty positive.

After playing it briefly I of course cracked it open to see what's inside but really, like all pedals, it's what it sounds like that really matters.

I'll sit down with it more soon but if anyone's interested, I could do a blog comparing the Fuzz Munchkin (and other Rams Heads) to it?  Might put some Dinosaur Jr on today in the workshop.

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Would love to have a read on a bit of background and tech on the two.

Ross Pastega

Would love to read that from your perspective. I’ve been using a borrowed Fuzz Munchkin from a mate and it’s a ripper. It’ll break my heart when I have to return it


I don’t have one of those here right now so I can’t say for sure. If I can track one down to compare, I’ll include that in the blog if people want one? I have played those new small EH RHs and I quite like them, but I can’t say for sure if this sounds the same.


Very intrigued by this. Is it the same as the EHX Rams Head that was already being sold, but with some different paint?


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