1970 Gretsch Roc Jet

1970 Gretsch Roc Jet

I was going to do a full blog on this awesome old Gretsch I recently listed but it sold before I had a chance to as it lasted less than a day on the site.  


This 1970 Grestch Roc Jet has an OLD black refinish with checking and player wear. These hollow mahogany bodies are amazing and are SO light and resonant.


This one has older TV Jones Super'Trons which are what this model had originally. This also has all new electronics including pots, switch and wiring.


It has had new Waverly tuners fitted with no extra holes and a newer Bigsby vibrato which suits the guitar perfectly.


It has it's original floating bridge and knobs. This one, like a few made around this time have all pre Baldwin features, possibly made from parts around the factory to fill orders?

It's not surprising this didn't last long at the asking price. Like all vintage Grestchs it has it's little quirks and imperfections but it's a nice players grade vintage Gretsch Roc Jet ready to play. These are so cool.

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