TYM063 : Tumbleweed/Grinding Eyes split 7” OUT NOW

Tym records is very proud to announce the next release out now. This is a split 7" single featuring Australian bands Tumbleweed and Grinding Eyes.

Tumbleweed exploded out of Wollongong in the early 90’s with a heavy fuzzy twin guitar attack of 60’s influenced pop and psych mixed with 70’s rock and punk. Huge riffs with catchy hooks made them a favourite on LP and live.

The “WEED” went into their practice room and recorded this song especially for Tym records. Their heavy riff laden rock gives way slightly to bring you this surprisingly subtle and melodic cover of A Path Through the Forest by the Factory with like minded Tym records favourites, the 60’s influenced fuzzy psych poppers Grinding Eyes on the other side.

Grinding Eyes seamlessly combine genres and ideas into fuzz laden sixties psych and pop. The songs are guitar and bass driven slices of horror movie soundtracks and surf tunes melded with garage and psych. The thumping drums drive things along at a heavy pace while the drone of the keyboards gives a slightly uneasy, but pleasant feeling to the whole mix.

Their contribution to this piece of plastic is from their forthcoming second LP Taste The Monochrome.

Since I currently don't have a place to sell vinyl after closing my shop recently these are available now through Grinding Eyes and Tumbleweed.

Also available on merch stands at upcoming shows.

Tym records.

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