TYM056 Grinding Eyes ST 12" LP out now through Tym records

Grinding Eyes are no strangers to Tym records. We have worked together before on a couple of 7"s (TYM037/045) but I'm pretty happy to announce the release of this debut LP out through Tym records.

Grinding Eyes seamlessly combine genres and ideas into fuzz laden sixties psych and pop. The songs are guitar and bass driven slices of horror movie soundtracks and surf tunes melded with garage and psych. The thumping drums drive things along at a heavy pace while the drone of the keyboards gives a slightly uneasy, but pleasant feeling to the whole mix. Matts vocals seem to be coming from some distant place while still being up front and engaging.

This four piece seem to be able to make something so familiar and yet so fresh at the same time. It's definitely rooted in sixties psych pop but their love of garage, drone and Krautrock show their heads while keeping fuzzy melody and structure at the forefront.

Recorded by Owen Pengilis (Straight Arrows) and mixed by Jim Diamond (The Dirtbombs, The Hives, White Stripes) and mastered in Detroit by Ghetto with both sides clocking in at exactly 18 minutes these 9 songs take you on a real journey of acid tinged British psych via Seattle, Detroit, Berlin and delivered squarely from Sydney, Australia.

This limited edition 12" is on green/purple vinyl available only through Tym records.

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