Tym OD-DIST special

With the shop closed and me not having the parts I need to build some things I've been looking around the workshop and finding "stuff" I can work on to help us get through these times.

Most of my supply lines are either shut or have limited stock available to me at the moment and since I try and buy as much locally as I can, this is probably going to be an issue for some time. Hopefully once these lines open back up I'll be able to support some, or most of these places if they manage to start back up. 

With this in mind I found a box of "unrepairable" pedals I have here at the workshop that consist of stuff I've bought or traded over the years and been ripped off and/or pedals customers have given to me because they were too dear, or very hard to fix.I don't really work on SMD or digital stuff unless it's something fairly simple and I have enclosures here of pedals I have no intention (or knowledge) of fixing that are ..... good enclosures, like these Korg Tone Works boxes. 

I decided to make some "special" Tym effects using some of these enclosures during this period to help keep the shop open and offer some people something a little different and unique.  

These Korg pedals are SMD and digital and I had tried (well, I took a quick look) to fix them but it's just a rabbit hole for me I don't have time for so ...

I turned this Korg Classic Overdrive into a Tym OD-DIST special with the enclosure fitted with one of my silicon Tymexar circuits and one of my ODP777 circuits in one box that can be used separately or stacked together.

My Tymexar is a version of my favourite MXR Distortion plus and almost the same circuit as my Bob Mould signature Beauty & Ruin, the Dylan Carlson Engine of Ruin and almost the same as the Ed Kuepper (Tym) Stranded and Club 76.

The ODP777 is my version of the original '77, 7 resistor grey DOD250 and like my version, this one also has the toggle switch for removing the clipping diodes making it a HUGE preamp.

These are all going to be hand made one-offs using parts I can source from around the workshop to help keep us going while the shop is closed. 


There will be more Tym effects coming when/as I can get parts to build them so keep an eye on my social media to see what's coming up. I make everything by hand, by myself so supply has always been limited but will be even more so now. As with everything I make I don't do preorders, presales or holds.  

If anyone can use the insides of these 2 Korg (I'll do another one soon) pedals to repair or salvage parts from contact me and you can have them for the cost of postage. 


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