Tym guitars retail closed due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Well folks .....

Let's look at this as more of a change than a closing.

I can't say how long we will be closed for. I can't say we'll be here when this is over. I can say we're gonna keep trying in these difficult times because I want places like this to be there.

I will be checking the sales email so contact us if you need anything. We will still be taking on repairs and setups by appointment only and can arrange one on one sales if needed, until restrictions tell us otherwise. We will still be shipping online orders as long as couriers are working and borders are open. We will be shipping ONE day a week at this stage so please be patient. 

I will be making stuff from the workshop that will be available online. I have limited parts of some Tym products but because I manufacture as much locally as possible supply of some stuff may be impossible with businesses closed.

The music industry has ground to a halt and there are A LOT of people involved in it that are going to be hurting, a lot. Small independent businesses are going to need help to be there when this is over, and then to rebuild. Check in on people and try and help where you can.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this place over the last 23 years. We're in completely uncharted territory here. Be sensible. Be careful. Support each other.

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