Tym guitars is the exclusive Australian dealer for Vahlbruch

We love pedals. A lot. So when were offered a chance to stock these amazing German effects we jumped at the chance.

These are all hand made by one man, Dr. Henning Vahlbruch, a German astrophysicist who makes every one of these pedals when he's not working at his day job in aerospace.

We were sent four pedals to try and put in the shop while we waited for more to arrive and they are ... spectacular.

While most of his pedals are ALL analogue, his delay and reverb are a mix of digital and analogue with a pure analogue signal path with no AD/DA converters. While I don't claim to know how this technology works (I make fuzzes and distortions) the results are in the tone.

His true analogue pedals like the chorus and phaser are amazingly lush. Beautiful and huge in tone. The delay and reverb sound analogue with the added benefits of functions only found in digital versions.
The delay is ... amazing. Full of that classic analogue delay tone with three knobs and two mini toggles it gives you SO much range it's a thing of beauty.
The reverb has two knobs and two mini toggles and the variety of tones is amazing.

We have these four in stock now with more coming.

The "Pipeline" is a hand-made reverb pedal reproducing the legendary and beloved spring reverb sound known from vintage tube amps. In a unique circuit it combines the particular advantages of analog and digital signal processing, resulting in a warm, deep and lush sounding reverb pedal, which is very easy to operate.
Your direct dry guitar signal is processed fully analog, no digitization! Therefore your straight guitar signal is free of any digital latencies and the full character and dynamics of your guitar are completely preserved. Only the circuit section responsible for reverb calculations is realized digitally. This parallel digital signal is finally mixed together with the dry analog signal.

The "Chorus" is a pure 100% analog hand-build highly versatile modulation effect pedal, especially designed to offer you authentic shimmering chorus and leslie-like sounds with STEREO outputs. This is the most compact, fully analog stereo chorus pedal with true bypass on the market today! And it´s perfectly suited for mono applications as well!
Like some famous vintage analog units it´s based on a MN3007 BBD chip, but a sophisticated and more modern circuit design reduces the noise level to an absolute minimum. This pedal is therefore suited very well for any studio work and professional live performance.
Controls include "depth", "speed" and "mix". A pulsating LED permanently indicates the speed of the "Chorus".

The "Phaser" is a pure 100% analog, hand-build, highly versatile modulation effect pedal and one of the finest studio quality phaser pedals in existence! It´s a script logo phaser on steroids - same legendary sound, very, very lush but with more controls and NO noise!
It does the "Univibe" thing, a good "Leslie" simulation, and of course the well known 4 stage phase swirl! It´s very transparent with an organic tone you will love.
Compared to the vintage units the Vahlbruch "Phaser" has plenty of useful controls. First there is a "Depth" control implemented. Together with the "Speed" knob you can adjust a huge variety of different phasing sounds. It´s a highly flexible pedal and the range of modulation sounds is very, very wide. I´m sure you will find your sweet spots! Additionally, there is a Volume control, which is called "Mix". This knob enables you to balance the phaser pedal output volume with the original bypassed instrument signal.
The pedal can also be used as a buffer and discreet booster with or without phasing effect. Simply turn the "Depth"-control to minimum and adjust the "Mix" knob to the desired output level.

The "SpaceTime" is a hand-made echo pedal. It combines all the advantages of analog and digital circuits in a unique way. As a result „SpaceTime" is a warm and deep sounding delay pedal, easy to operate, offering analog delay typical self-oscillations, at a maximum delay time exceeding almost every old school pedal.
First of all your direct guitar signal stays analog and gets not digitized! There is not a single AD/DA converter involved and therefore your straight guitar signal is free of any digital latency. The full dynamic and rich tone of your guitar are completely preserved.
Additionally the audio signal processing needed for the delay/echo path is 100% analog, too. This is an essential ingredient for an analog sounding delay tone. Only the short signal path needed to delay and repeat the signal is done with care in the digital world.

Check out our site HERE or drop into the shop for more info. If there's any other Vahlbruch effects you'd like to try let us know and we'll order them in for you.

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