Tym guitars is no longer accepting Afterpay

This is a quick post to let people know that Tym guitars will no longer be accepting Afterpay as a payment method.

I can't in good faith support an unregulated system that is accelerating debt and hardship on lower socio-economic groups and blatantly taking advantage of loopholes to make obscene profits at these peoples expense.

I'm not naive enough to think that me not using Afterpay will make ANY difference whatsoever to them but it is all of our responsibility to try and look out for the most vulnerable in society and I will be able to function better as a business knowing I'm not supporting this inherently corrupt system.

I apologize to anyone who has been using this method without issue.

I will re-evaluate my businesses stance on this if, and when these buy now/pay later systems become regulated and less abusive. All the details of these systems are available online for anyone interested.

Thanks for supporting my place.

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