Tym custom B0SS Toecutter

Every so often as I get time and the inclination I make something special to try and help make the world a slightly better place. While I've only managed to make a few of these limited special one-offs recently I decided with the world the way it is I needed a distraction from it and spent a day last week making this little gem.

This is one of my B0SS RATs but this time in an old 3 knob DS-1 enclosure that I "artistically" (not really) painted in silver hammertone with a splash of purple highlights to bring out it's little ratty eyes.

The circuit is my custom Savage Toecutter PCB with this one based on my favorite white face version with the standard Volume, Tone (or Filter in this case) and Distortion knobs with green LED. 


These BOSS enclosures get a new rubber bottom and switch plate and my custom printed and stamped ID plate for serial number and date. They have the standard BOSS power supply input and like all my pedals, there's not battery option, although you could fit one like a standard BOSS pedal if you wanted?

This one will be on my site this afternoon along with a couple of Savage Toecutter Deluxes and a couple of Tym The 'PIT signature pedals.

50% from the sale from this pedal will be donated to refugee charities to try and help humans who desperately need it.

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