Tym Big Bottom/Club 76 for the Aints tour

I have been talking with Ed Kuepper a lot lately about tone and sorting out his tones for the upcoming Aints tour, where he's playing early Saints stuff with a full band.

I serviced and moded his SG's for the tour and Ed's using a Tym Club 76 (or ((Tym) Stranded) for the tour and he's pretty happy with his guitar tones. 

Ed will be running two Fender combos with the signal split with the Club 76 on one and an MXR Carbon Copy on the other one. This will give a nice blend of clean Fender with echo and distorted Fender which can be mixed together out front.

After a few rehearsals Ed mentioned he'd like a bit more dirt in the bass as Peter plays bass differently to Kym did in those early days and we talked about a Tym Big Bottom to help fill out the sound.  

The Big Bottom splits the signal coming in and sends everything that would normally be a guitar frequency through an effects loop so you can run guitar effects in it. It sends everything under this straight to out as a clean signal. The two signals are mixed together at the end so you get a clean bottom end, and whatever effects you have in the loop without loosing your bottom end.

Ed suggested that they would use a Club 76 as the top end distortion for the bass in the effects loop. The only thing was ... I didn't have a Big Bottom around.

With less than a week till the show and a couple of days to rehearsal i quickly put this together. To simplify things I built the Club 76 INTO the effects loop so it's a simple matter of plugging the bass in and having a clean signal OR the Big Bottom with the distortion. The controls are the same with the BB having the "bottom end" (clean) volume and "top end" (loop) volume and the Club 76 having volume and gain.

If you're around for this tour I suggest you get in and see one. It's gonna be a treat. 


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