TMI 127-T

If you go back through my blogs from this year you'll see that I was trying to make 10 TMI guitars this year (2019) as an indication of trying to make them available through the shop next year, and well, this is the 10th one for this year, and I've had LOTS of interest in them so unless I lose interest (which is entirely possible) it looks like these will be in the shop from the start of 2020.

The TMI 127 is the basic version of what will be the "shop model" based on one of my favourite old Guyatones, the LG-127T which I've written about a few times. These will be available in this body shape in a few different versions. As discussed before I picked this model because it was a favourite growing up and suits the aesthetic and ideas behind Tym guitars perfectly.


If you're interested in how these TMIs are made check the past blogs but the basics are the bodies are all hand made by me here in Brisbane out of sustainable plantation laminate. These are all hollow bodies made out of multiple pieces of laminate cut to make a frame with bracing and sandwiched between top and back caps. 

The necks are made for me in rough dimensions and I finish the shaping, sanding and painting here myself. This speeds up the process and allows me to make them for the price I'm trying to retail them at. The necks are all 25.5" scale with 22 frets and a brass nut. They are thinner than Fender necks at both the nut and neck pocket and have medium frets and a double acting trussrod. 


I am also offering custom necks for custom TMI projects which as discussed before will be a "one at a time" project doing something not available to buy that sparks my interest. These custom projects will obviously be more expensive, but still very affordable, and built in amongst the standard shop TMIs.

At this stage all pickups will be variations of my T-90 which comes in several different versions all based (some loosely) on my second favourite pickup, the P-90. These are all hand made in the workshop by me as well.


The hardware will be a mix of Tym made and commercially available, mostly in generic versions of tried and tested ideas like the offset vibrato here. I will be making my own bridges and several of these TMIs have them along with my own vibratos but the idea of these guitars is to make hand made custom one-offs in Australia at very affordable prices so hardware upgrades may be available or offered after buying?

All my guitars are painted here using acrylic lacquer as it's available (getting harder to get), easy to use (easier than nitro anyway), affordable (it is getting dearer) and durable (more than nitro anyway) and it's what I've always used so my booth is set up to spray it. For those of you who believe nitro sounds better (it doesn't) my TMIs are probably not the guitars for you. My finishes are "good" but there are small imperfections that yes, bug me slightly but don't change the playability or tone of the guitar at all and to keep prices where I want them I can't spend too long getting the finish "perfect". The pics in these blogs give you a good idea of how they look. 

As this shape and other TMIs I've made this year would indicate these guitars are aimed squarely at the medium to high level vintage Japanese guitars that I love and cherish so much. Although my main influence is Mosrite (and yes, I may actually make Wosrites again one day) and I love many other US, European and Australian brands, the shear wonder and plethora of great vintage Japanese guitars means I have a never ending supply of inspiration that can be re-made affordably. 

So the plan is to make these as I get time and put them up for sale. Like all my hand made stuff I don't do preorders, holds and waiting lists. They don't work. If one comes up and it's not say, the right colour, wait for the next one, maybe it will be? There will be other shapes in amongst the 127s but the different versions of these will be the majority of the TMIs made. 

As stated before prices for the TMI SB Jr will be starting at around $850 Aud with donations to charities added to all sales. Other shapes and custom work will be given on a case by case basis. At this stage all guitars will be made in this way as I simply don't have time (and want to keep them affordable) to make guitars like I did back in the 90's/early 2000s but if I can work out a way, higher end Tym guitars may be available again one day. 

I currently have 4 more TMIs in the works for next year and a very special signature model coming out as well. 

I think that pretty much covers it? If you're interested in this idea go back through my blogs which will answer a lot of questions, and keep an eye on our social media and site or drop into the shop to try out some samples. 

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