The Tym Wizz Fuzz

Back in 2020 when the world was swept up with and shut down by that thing, I was still running a shop which I loved dearly. Once things changed and it became difficult to keep a large space with some of the highest retail rents in the world operating I decided to make some pedals to suit the times with half of the money going to other humans who were struggling to keep their own lives going.

The Fuzz Sanitizer was born.

I had wanted to make the Acetone FM-3 circuit for some time but needed an excuse to make it happen with everything else that was going on. Helping people always motivates me to do something worthwhile.

Since closing the shop I have stopped making the Sanitizer as it was always intended to help while my shop was struggling through all of that but people kept asking if I'd consider making more or at least make the FM-3 circuit again, so ...

The Wizz Fuzz is born, again?

The details of this circuit are available on the blog linked above but it is EXACTLY the same circuit as in the Fuzz Sanitizer which is the distortion/fuzz section of the Acetone FM-3.

This is an early fuzz based on the 4 transistor stage Big Muff circuit with quite a few key components moved around to make it a different beast indeed. While there's BM tones in there, it has less overall gain and more harmonics than most BM's and is very Japanese fuzz sounding in the same way a Super Fuzz sounds Japanese. 

I'm using 2N3904 transistors that I bought MANY years ago and kept for a special occasion, which this Acetone circuit felt like. 

When I told Tone I was making another pedal with the Acetone circuit but needed new artwork he said "leave it with me" and this one seemed to take a little time. Maybe he needed inspiration or just a break from designing my pedals but eventually he sent this through which is of course based on the old Wizz Fizz sherbet packet. I didn't notice until I was drilling the enclosures (and this is gonna bug the hell out of Tone) that the TONE knob is marked "Sustain" so these first batches might become known as the "Sustain Wizz Fuzzes" (kinda like the Sustain T Maxon D&Ss) and following batches might say TONE? Maybe we can do different flavours too.

The Wizz Fuzz is not limited edition like the Sanitizer and will be added to the plethora of Tym effects I'm constantly making when I get time (and parts) and uploaded to my site as they become available. 

This first batch will be available on the site Friday morning. More coming if they go quickly. Always more coming.

Be safe. Be sensible. Support each other. 

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